Threadless shop! Art prints! 365 Days of Peace!

Hello, friends! How are you? I miss you.

If you’ve been following me on social media, you know that I just took a big leap into the unknown. My nanny job ended last week, and I’ve made the decision to not get a new one for now. For the next few weeks, and maybe months, I’ll be focusing on freelance writing and some of my own writing projects, as well as addressing some chronic injuries through rest and PT.

This is a big deal for me, not only financially, but personally. I have been working at least part-time as a nanny since I left my last ministry job twelve years ago—and long before then, really, through college, grad school, and internships. This is a big leap of faith, but my dreams are big, and I feel in my bones that it’s time. If you have some extra prayers or good thoughts for me, I’d be grateful.

I have so many things I want to tell you about, but today I’ll limit it to just three. Please forgive all the exclamation marks, but I’m very nervicited! One! My Love is Love chicken sketch is now available on Threadless! You can get it as a T-shirt, sticker, magnet, mug, tote bag, and even a baby onsie!

Purple t-shirt with chicken love is love logoI like it best on purple and blue shirts, myself, but there are lots of colors, styles, and sizes available! Check it out! I am hoping the sales from this sketch will help pay for my rent and groceries while I am working on my next projects (see next paragraphs) so please feel free to share with your friends!

Two! Coming soon!! I’ve been working on creating some prints of my poems and benedictions, with original artwork. These will also be available on Threadless. I’m excited to create something really lovely for you. If you have a favorite poem you’d like me to try to feature, let me know. Also, if you have done something like this and have any advice, I’d love to hear it!

Three! As most of you know, last fall I started writing evening benedictions on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I’ve been doing it for eleven months now, and have only missed a handful of days. Many of you have been asking if they’re going to be made into a book, and I can now share that they are! I am working to self-publish this collection, with the goal of a November 1st launch.

November 1st is a meaningful date for me for a few reasons: It will be a full year that I’ve been writing these, and, this year, it will be the day we turn our clocks back an hour. As someone who struggles with seasonal depression, the practice of writing these benedictions in the evening has been a powerful one for me, and I am eager to offer the collection of them at a time of the year when many of us struggle with the shortened days. My tentative title is 365 Days of Peace. So stay tuned for that, and I will try to give you updates along the way.

I have a few other irons in the fire as well, which I hope to share with you later this fall. Thank you all for your interest and support! And I pray that you will remember your dreams as well, and leap or lean into them, despite the challenges 2020 is throwing at us.

Peace to those about to leap
into the unknown
may your dreams catch you

Peace to those who expect to plod
into another mundane day
may your dreams surprise you

Peace to those who only want
a few hours rest
may your dreams
& the soft, dark night
hold you

All my love,

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