IMG_4993Hello! I’m glad to see you here! Can I get you anything? Tea? Coffee? I could make us smoothies if you want.  My dream is to create community here, out of shared experiences, hopes, and sorrows. Every story of shame I’ve ever shared through my writing has elicited a chorus of, “Me too, me too! I didn’t know anyone else felt that way.” We are not alone.

I’m a writer. I write creative non-fiction, essays that examine aspects of my life or the world around me and try to find the deeper meaning and connection in what I observe. I also write about media and culture, faith, and the intersection of the two. I wrote a sort of sermon once and it went viral. I write for places like SojournersThink Christian, The Good Men Project, and Our Bible App, and Together Rising. My first book, The Long Night, Readings and Stories to Help You Through Depression came out on May 19th, 2020 through Fortress Press.

I’m a theologian. I have a BA in World Religions and a Master of Divinity in Christianity. I’ve traveled to Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, and Europe to study Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. I did part time ministry for many years — leading worship, teaching the Bible, leading discussion groups, working with teens, and teaching English as a second language. After I graduated I went to work for a campus ministry, doing interfaith outreach, but burnt out after a year and a half of fundraising and training. I try to use my education and experience in my writing, both to deepen my perspective and to minister to my readers.

I’m an editor. In my editing work I help scholars from all over the world who are working on academic dissertations. I’ve also edited books, journal articles, newsletters, cover letters, and more. Find out more here.

I’m a nanny. Almost every day I get to go outside, create, observe the world around me through new eyes, laugh, play, and give and receive so much love. Maybe some day I’ll make a living as a full time writer, but I can’t imagine ever giving up nannying completely. You can read some of my stories about it here and here. (Update: I’m taking some time off from nannying right now to focus on writing projects! I’m doing it! I miss kids, though.)