Florida, A True Story

camel beachOn Friday night, after a long week of nannying and hanging out at the Momastery Facebook page, I went to bed and had a dream that I was Glennon’s nanny. Saturday I woke up and was thinking about the dream and considering whether I would move to Florida for the job. I’d be far from my family, I thought, but the weather would be a welcome change from Boston. I’d have to leave the deep, spiritual symbolism of the changing seasons, but I just might be up for it. Just as I was thinking this, the phone rang. I picked it up and the caller ID read simply, “Florida.”

(What do you think, readers? Was it Glennon? Did she offer me the job, and did I accept? Am I moving to Florida? Well…)

I rarely answer my phone, and even the motivation of the tropics couldn’t quite make me pick up this time. But a few moments later there was a beep to let me know I had voicemail. I pressed play and a man with a deep voice began speaking in a language I mostly did not understand. I did recognize two words, Saalam Alaikum — “Peace be with you” in Arabic. So I played the message to my housemate, Mark, who is Lebanese and grew up in Saudi Arabia. He said it didn’t sound like Arabic to him; maybe Urdu.

A dream, a thought of traveling, a follow-up phone call from the dream-land, a message from a stranger wishing me peace in a foreign tongue. I can only imagine that I am at the beginning of a great adventure. If you don’t hear from me for a while, I will probably be in Florida, or Pakistan, possibly traveling with the Meltons and a mysterious, deep-voiced, dark-skinned man. If you do see me in Boston, looking pale and tired, shivering in the cold, it may not really be me. I may have left behind a doppelgänger to hold my place until I return, if I ever do.

3 thoughts on “Florida, A True Story

  1. judith Kunst says:

    Ah! Perfect prose/poetry! Inspired timing for the poem I’m trying to write just now. Thank you. If it’s any good I’ll send it your way when it’s done. (Don’t you think sometime we should meet? Perhaps this summer…I may be taking a writing retreat in the Boston area…)


  2. Mary Watt says:

    So many elements to this – and dreams come to us with such deep meanings!

    As long as you stay open, and accepting, to whatever is in front of you… you will step forward, faithfully knowing that God will see you through, supporting you, giving you strength and wings!


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