Professional editing specializing in serving non-native English speakers

Writing in English isn’t always easy even for native speakers. It is a complex language, with more exceptions to the rules than rules themselves.  Whether you are writing an application essay, a term paper, a dissertation, or a journal article, you want your writing to clearly express your thoughts. Grammar mistakes and structural flaws distract the reader, bring down your grade and diminish professional credibility. My mission is to help you express yourself in perfect English that allows your ideas to shine.

About me
I am a freelance editor with more than a decade of experience. I specialize in clear, concise, and readable English, as well as impeccable grammar. I have a background in teaching and tutoring English as a second language, and have worked on projects as diverse as scientific and medical journal articles, grant proposals, academic papers and fiction — both short stories and novels. I have a BA in World Religions, an MDiv in theology and cross-cultural education, and a certificate in behavioral psychology. I also have training in fund-raising and branding (creating a recognizable and attractive theme in a business’s literature, website and presentations). In addition to my formal education, I have pursued an interest in grammar and writing that borders on obsessive.

I work from my home in Boston and use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature to suggest edits and make comments.

My rate for editing is $40/hour. A thorough edit — proofreading for spelling and grammar and offering suggestions on structure and phrasing –  averages 4 pages (~500 words per page) per hour, or $10 per page.

If you need more extensive help — rewriting, expressing your thesis or themes, or making your writing sound more professional, academic or accessible — or if I find your writing difficult to understand I will require more time per page and the per page rate would be around $15. Free estimates are given on request.

I accept payments through PayPal, and ask that new clients make a payment after 10 hours of editing ($400).

Please feel free to contact me with any questions! My email is