The Finding Your Voice Writing Workshops and Substack writing community are for aspiring writers who struggle with depression or other mental illness. You will receive affirmation and encouragement, as well as an overview of different genres of writing.

*Please note that there are currently no upcoming workshops scheduled, but there are ongoing writing prompts, resources, and “Feedback Fridays” happening every week over at the Finding Your Voice Substack.*

FYV 101 explores how poetry and fiction offer techniques and skills that carry over into our nonfiction writing. FYV 102 (coming soon!) explores the crafts of essay writing and creative nonfiction.

Through four writing assignments you will have the opportunity to try out different ways of writing, to receive feedback on your work from me and the other participants, and to offer feedback to others.

‍By the end of each workshop, you will have pieces of writing to build on, and a community of other writers to support and encourage you in your work.

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