JessicaKantrowitzHi! I’m Jessica. I’m glad to see you here! Can I get you anything? Tea? Coffee? I could make us smoothies if you want. I want this to be your space as much as mine. My dream is to create community here, out of shared experiences, hopes, and sorrows. That deep secret you are carrying? I can promise you you’re not alone in it. Every story of shame I’ve ever shared through my writing has elicited a chorus of “me too, me too! I didn’t know anyone else felt that way.” We are not alone.

Me, I’m a writer living in Boston. I write creative non-fiction, essays that examine aspects of my life or the world around me and try to find the deeper meaning and connection in what I observe. I also write about media and culture, faith, and the intersection of the two. I wrote a sort of sermon once and it went viral. I write for places like SojournersThink Christian, The Good Men Project, and Our Bible App. I am currently working on a book about depression. You can find the first chapter of it, here.

I spent several years in seminary, earning a Master of Divinity, and traveling to Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, and Europe to study Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. I did part time ministry for many years — leading worship, teaching the Bible, leading discussion groups, working with teens, and teaching English as a second language. After I graduated I went to work for a campus ministry, doing interfaith outreach, but burnt out after a year and a half of fundraising and training. That’s when I started doing freelance editing and went back to nannying.

In my editing work I help scholars from all over the world who are working on academic dissertations. I’ve also edited books, journal articles, newsletters, cover letters, and more.

Holding hands_Jessica KantrowitzDuring the week I am a nanny and it is the best job in the world. Every day I get to go outside, create, observe the world around me through new eyes, laugh, play, and give and receive so much love. Maybe some day I’ll make a living as a writer or work for a social justice organization, but I can’t imagine ever giving up nannying completely. You can read some of my stories about it here and here.

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